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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Olá amigos,

We are back, and this time, we have great news:

We have a new addition to our Tacky Towels family!

With a lot of enthusiasm, we introduce the Tacky Towel made of 100% linen. They come in unique colours to provide your kitchen with a special dash of fun. The "tacky" part is in the super colourful stitching, giving this 100% linen Tacky Towels - towel something special.

Tidying up around the kitchen has never been easier than with the help of these durable, soft and super absorbent linen tea towels.

They complement any kitchen.

Besides the look and fine quality, there are many benefits of having a linen towel.

Let us highlight a few:

- eco-friendly

- linen is inherently anti-microbial and stays fresher because it dries quickly

- highly absorbent - ideal for drying the dishes and glassware

- machine washable (with each wash the Tacky Towel will increase its absorbency!!)

- our linen is sourced from Lithuania, known for its high-quality linen

- socially made in Berlin

Are you as excited us? Check them out here in our store. More news coming soon! Make sure to follow us and remain up to date.

PS: ...since we are super happy, we want to share this unique discount code for the linen towels: Linen2021 (valid in June)

Yours truly,

Rina & Caspar

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