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No more waste?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

What's our no waste policy?

This means that not a single scrap of fabric is going to waste while making your Tacky Towels. Everything is being


But how does this actually work in reality?

It's simple, all the fabric that we receive will be used. That sounds easy, but imagine you receive different fabrics with different sizes, several samples and print try-outs. How could you handle this without the loss of fabric?

After a lot of research, we made a breakthrough and came up with the following solution:

We will become flexible in the sizing of our Tacky Towel!

Insane! Well yeah, it's insane not to do this!!

Why waste fabric if we could just make the towel a tiny bit bigger or smaller or wider or shorter?

For this, we created a size range for our kitchen towels, ranging from 75-65 cm x 50-45 cm. This way, we ensure the towels are big enough and have no leftover fabric. Taa-daa!

And what happens if we have more significant pieces of fabric left over? Then we create additional unique social and sustainable kitchen textile products…

Wait, what...additional products???

What type of product you wanna know?

That's a secret... for now :) until we are ready to share them with you!

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Rina & Caspar

PS: Thanks for reading and keeping up with us! And because you guys make us so happy, we give you an amazing discount code of 10% on your next purchase of our super sustainable & social Tacky Towels. Use update10 to make your dream come true.

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