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Introducing TACKY TOWELS: sustainable, social & colorful kitchen towels

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

2020, the year of the worldwide pandemic. Millions of homes around the world turned into offices. Drastic changes to everyday lives. But some things don’t change overnight. They don’t even change over the years, maybe even over centuries.

TACKY TOWELS takes on some of those never-changing things and combines them into magic for your kitchen: your everyday kitchen towel, its production and its design. Because come on, it’s 2020 and something needs to change here!

Big chance your current kitchen towels are not putting a smile on your face and are produced with a huge negative impact on the environment. They’re most probably not made out of GOTS/OEKO-TEX certified fabric. Don’t even talk about the inks being used to print designs on them. Moreover they’re probably made in mass production, involving questionable production processes and working conditions. So ask yourself: what am I doing?!

No worries, we got you covered!!

So slap yourself in the face and read out loud: “TACKY TOWELS offers me high-quality, super sustainable, socially made, GOTS/OEKO-TEX certified, colorful and unique kitchen towels, produced in Berlin." Saaaay what?

We are here to revolutionise your kitchen and to have a positive impact on our environment and our society. Starting ‘small’ with kitchen towels, but who knows what this journey will bring? And if we already made you smile while reading this, wait till you see our towels…

So shop, don’t stop, and treat yourself to a smile on your face every day you enter your (office) kitchen!

Hang in there!

Rina & Caspar

#tackytowels #kitchenrevolution

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